Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Michael Jackson Thanks the World Thrillers

Just a note that MJ wants to see our videos and pictures of our world record attempt!  Cool :)  

Updated Numbers 10.29.08 4179 Dancers!

Here are the final numbers from the Thriller world organizers! 

Photo Album to Date 10.28.08

Our web album has over 160 pictures click here to view the current photos of our rehearsals, the world record pictures and pictures of us performing at the West Seattle Junction.

Djordje Zlatanovic, an independent photographer also captured some great shots of us.  You can click here for his blog on his website and click here for his Flickr page.     

Monday, October 27, 2008

You Tube Posts

Here's some You Tube videos of our dance.  If you know of any more email Lora at lora@hotwirecoffee.com

Admiral Theater Video that evening click here for their My Space page and scroll down!

New! Photos

Just started adding the photos from our Thriller madness! Check back often for updates, new photos will be added every day until I don't receive any more!


Click here for the photo album

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cool Information from the Organizer!

Cool things to know:
Here's what I heard/was told by people:
  • Michael Jackson called one of our LA participants to tell him Thrill The World was happening; she came to practise yesterday in LA
  • I sent a text message to Michael Jackson via the person that came yesterday, Nicole.
  • The entire Jackson family now knows about Thrill The World
  • Michael Peters, the original choreographer of Thriller, has passed on but his mom knows about Thrill The World
  • TTW is on the websites of michaeljackson.comquincyjones.commjjcommunity.com, Sony's MJ myspace and many more!
  • Barcroft Media sent out photographers to approx 15 events = our pics in newspapers everywhere!
  • Saudi Arabia danced with us! (and it's not really acceptable to dance in that country but they still danced with us!)
  • XM radio played Thriller right AT Thrill Time! in honor of TTW!
  • LA event had Adam Sevani, plays 'Moose' in Step Up 2: The Streets play the role of MJ
  • Fort Worth, Texas guest and witness was MA Mahailoff, Leatherface, in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

What we want: for Ines to be interviewed on Ellen, Oprah, Conan O'Brien, Tyra Banks, and other great shows!
Pass this on so word spreads about the awesomeness of Thrill The World!
(made awesome and possible thanks to YOU and all organizers worldwide)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Media plus HUGE Thanks to West Seattle Blog and Movin' 92.5

Click here to see the full video shot by the West Seattle Blog

Click here to see the Evening Magazine story

Click here for the Citizen Rain post

Click here for the PI post

Click here for the KING5 post

Check back often for more stories  or email Lora lora@hotwirecoffee.com if you come across a story.

Our photo album will be updated within the next couple of days  

Initial World Record Numbers 3934

Watch this post as the world record numbers will be updated as the world leaders submit reports!

881,2032,USA,Texas,Austin 334,2065,USA,Illinois,Gurnee 195,2044 & 2057,USA,Washington,Seattle THIS IS US!! 150,2113,United States,Texas,Corpus Christi 132,2050,Canada,British Columbia,Kelowna 122,2001,Canada,Saskatchewan,Regina 114,2017,USA,California,Los Angeles 112,2035,England,,Bolton 111,2043,England,,"Minehead, Somerset" 111,2003,USA,Vermont,Bennington 101,2069,England,,Isle of Sheppey 91,2013,USA,North Carolina,Goldsboro 90,2031,USA,Massachusetts,Salem 79,2063,USA,Arizona,Marana 73,2047,Wales,,Wrexham 65,2045,Canada,British Columbia,Vancouver 64,2028,USA,North Carolina,Pinehurst 63,2100,USA,Texas,Houston 62,2040,USA,Arizona,Phoenix 58,2004,USA,Oregon,Portland 50,2037,USA,California,Irvine 40,2053,England,,Tonbridge 40,2074,usa,Maine,gray 40,2089,USA,Alaska,Fairbanks 37,2070,Germany,,Berlin 36,2014,USA,California,San Francisco 36,2083,USA,Oregon,Beaverton 35,2060,England,,Uckfield 35,2098,Ireland,,Doolin 33,2095,USA,Tennessee,Cookeville 32,2107,USA,Maine,Orono 31,2082,USA,Washington,Mill Creek 30,2126,CANADA,ONTARIO,AJAX 30,2036,USA,Illinois,Piper City 29,2088,USA,New Jersey,New Brunswick 26,2056,Australia,,Brisbane 25,2049,USA,Wisconsin,German Town 24,2121,United States,California,Salinas 23,2062,USA,Washington,Monroe 22,2034,USA,Wyoming,Laramie 21,2051,USA,California,Compton 20,2023,USA,California,Encinitas 18,2108,USA,Minnesota,Osseo 17,2052,USA,Florida,Venice 14,2078,England,,Matlock 14,2112,United States,Texas,Fort Worth 14,2093,USA,Kentucky,New Castle 13,2038,USA,New Jersey,Trenton 13,2101,USA,Missouri,Canton 13,2110,USA,California,Orange 12,2085,Canada,Ontario,Ottawa 12,2064,USA,Virginia,Norfolk 10,2048,Ireland,,Naas 10,2005,USA,Pennsylvania,Pittsburgh 10,2067,USA,California,Modesto 10,2109,USA,California,Santa Cruz 10,2118,USA,California,San Fancisco 9,2059,Scotland,,Motherwell 8,2071,Canada,Ontario,Thunder Bay 8,2018,New Zealand,,Christchurch 6,2039,Ireland,,Bray 4,2103,Australia,Tasmania,Launceston 3,2076,United States,New York,Elmira 2,2119,USA,WI,Madison 1,2128,Canada,Ontario,Toronto 3934 

Friday, October 24, 2008

FINAL Thriller Schedule


October 2008 is the 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's Thriller video and we have put together a local group of over 150 people to perform The Thriller Dance on October 25th 2008 with Thrill the World 2008 who is hosting a world-wide Thriller dance event!

Local radio station Movin' 92.5 will be providing the music for the event! Thank you MOVIN'!

Here are the details regarding the Thriller Dance event in Seattle this weekend:

Saturday, October 25th - World Record Attempt in Seattle Video by WSB

10:15 am - Meet at the Pergola in Pioneer Square, 100 Yesler Way
10:30 am - Amble over to Occidental Park in Pioneer Square, Occidental Ave S and S Main Street
11:00 am - Perform the Thriller Dance for the World Record attempt!
11:15 am - Perform a second Thriller Dance just for fun!
11:30 am - Leave for West Seattle for lunch and the next performance at Easy Street
12:30 pm - Lunch in West Seattle

After the World Record attempt there are two more dance events planned for the day:

Saturday, October 25th - West Seattle Encore Performance at Easy Street

1:45 pm - Meet at Hotwire Coffee in West Seattle, 4410 California Ave SW
2:00 pm - Amble over to Easy Street to perform an encore performance

Saturday, October 25th - West Seattle Encore Encore Performance at Admiral Theatre

8:45 pm - Meet at Admiral Theatre to prepare for performance, 2343 California Avenue SW
9:00 pm - Perform Thriller Dance on the Admiral Theatre stage!

On Sunday there is a Zombie event and a dance event being hosted by other groups:

Sunday, October 26th, 3:00 pm - West Seattle Zombie Walk
The official 4th Annual Zombie Walk taking place in West Seattle which Seattle Thrillers may crash and dance! This event is not hosted by Seattle Thrillers, for more details about the event go to: http://cleozombie.livejournal.com/12403.html

Sunday, October 26th, 7:00 pm - Kalia Indian Cuisine in Greenwood
Bellydancer Zombie Imei is the co-hostess for a once-a-month bellydance show at Kalia Indian Cuisine in Greenwood. The next show is Sunday October 26th at 7:00 pm and we are having a "Spooky Bellydance Show" and would like to have the Thrillers dance! The address is: 8518 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103, 206-782-7890. For more information and to RSVP, contact Imei at imei@dreamyogaanddance.com

Suz and Lora and Amy and Melissa

If you have any questions, call: 425-999-6062
Email: seattlethrillers@yahoo.com
Seattle Thrillers Website: http://SeattleThrillers.com
Thrill the World West Seattle Website: http://thrilltheworldws.blogspot.com

SPONSORS - We want to thank our Sponsors for this event:

Hotwire Coffee
Contact: Lora Lewis
Website: http://hotwirecoffee.com/
West Seattle Thriller Group: http://thrilltheworldws.blogspot.com

My World Dance and Fitness Studio
Contact: Suzanne Simmons, Director
Website: http://myworld-df.com/

Movin' 92.5 FM
Contact: Ryan Digges
Website: http://movin925.com/

CHARITIES – The food, clothing and money raised at this event will benefit the following:

West Seattle Food Bank
Committed to eliminating hunger in West Seattle

Westside Baby
Provides essential items to local children in need by collecting and distributing
diapers, clothing, toys and equipment

ROOTS: Rising Out of the Shadows
Homeless shelter for Teens and Young Adults in Seattle's University District

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pioneer Square is a GO!!

Great News! Pioneer Square is CONFIRMED (click on link to see the entire map of Pioneer Square) http://www.pioneersquare.org/map.html.  I spoke to the community director and it’s a 100% (zombie) thumbs up we are performing the dance at Occidental Park.  The details are:

Meet at the Pergola at 10:15am on Saturday, October 25th (click on link to see picture) http://www.cityofseattle.net/parks/pergola/images/piopergola02.jpg which is located at triangular corner of Yesler Way and 1st Ave (click on the link for the website for Pioneer Square) http://www.pioneersquare.org/

2.       We will have the sign-in forms for everyone. 

3.       We will amble to Occidental Park (click here to see the picture) http://tetherinc.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/occidental-park.jpg

The world record attempt starts exactly at 11am.

Suz, Amy, Melissa and myself will be coordinating the efforts and will help everyone get into place 

6.      Movin’ 92.5 will be providing the music  

We will perform the dance, maybe twice!

Amble away

Maybe lunch??

Meet at Hotwire Coffee (click the link for the map) http://maps.google.com/maps?um=1&hl=en&q=hotwire%20coffee&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl at 1:30pm (there is plenty of parking in the courtyard or behind the coffee shop in the parking lot behind.

Amble down to Easy Street and perform our encore performance at 2pm.

Next opportunity is at 9pm at the Admiral Theater (click the link for the map) http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=admiral%20theater&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl  

Meet at 8:45 pm and perform at 9pm

More information to follow for another performance on the 26th……….   

Remember, we have just two more rehearsals which are tomorrow.     

If you have not done so already, please click on this link:  http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pyoiyLmyyWYzy2NvegIjOfA which will take you to the form to confirm your participation on Saturday, October 25th in the world record attempt at 11am, the 2pm encore performance at Easy Street Records in West Seattle and the 9pm encore performance at the Admiral Theater.

Seattle Thrillers Website:             http://www.seattlethrillers.com

Meetup Group                                 http://www.meetup.com/seattlethrillers/

Monday, October 20, 2008


The final two rehearsals are: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22nd!  This is it fellow zombies, the final rehearsals before the world record attempt!  

Also, watch your email for information or if you are part of the Meetup group watch your updates. 

Remember, you can email lora@hotwirecoffee.com for Lora (West Seattle Thrillers) and suzfabulous@yahoo.com for Suz (Seattle Thrillers) 


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Video from Saturday, October 18th

Here's the video from Saturday's dress rehearsal, everyone looks awesome!  Thanks to Dinah from the Admiral Theater.  Click here to view the video 


Pictures from our Saturday Rehearsal

Thanks to everyone who attended our zombie make-up tips and dress rehearsal on Saturday! Click here to view our online album.  

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fill out this Form!

Please complete this form by clicking here  it is your confirmation of the world record attempt plus the two encore performances.  

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sat, Oct 11th Zombie Shopping Trip

On Saturday, October 11th at Noon (an hour and 1/2 before our 2:00 pm Thriller Rehearsal at My World Dance) Amy will be hosting a Zombie Shopping Excursion at the big Goodwill store off Dearborn

Sat, October 11th, Noon - 1:30 pm:

1400 South Lane Street
Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 860-5711

Meet us at noon! Let's get our Zombie shopping on and get some great Zombie advice from our little undead girlie, Amy!

Before this Meetup, check out these sites for some zombie ideas. Remember there are all kinds of zombies... you could be greenish or grayish, you could be a really fresh kill or one who's been stewing in the ground for years, you could have been an ordinary person, a cheerleader, a barista, a business person, a bride/groom, a prom king/queen... or a pinup!

- Search Flickr photos for the keywords "Seattle Zombie Walk" and see what you find!
- Also check out some Zombie Pinups

Friday, October 3, 2008

Feel the Music! Listen or Download MJ's Thriller

Watch the Michael Jackson Thriller dance sequence here.  It's only 2 minutes and 11 seconds long but does give you an idea of the dance plus it's fun to watch!

If you would like to download the 5 minute and 57 second MP3 you can download it through Microsoft rhapsody or just listen to the music via your computer.  Click here for the song.  The cost is 99 cents to d/load.

I have the song on my flash drive too for our rehearsals.